YAY! Obstacle Busting Release Day is Here!

WOOHOO!!!!! YES! It’s release day today! *leaps around with joy* You can now enjoy the WHOLE BOOK! Not just the single chapters I’ve been teasing you with for what seems like forever.

Not only that, because it’s Christmas, it is FREE on Amazon to 26th December.

To get your copy, click here: myBook.to/obstaclebusting – this magnificently clever link will take you to your local Amazon store (it really is a small world now, isn’t it). 

And feel free to share with friends and family too – the more downloads the book gets over Christmas, the higher up the charts she’ll go and the more people will be able to discover her. And of course, if you would like to leave a review of the book, I’d be eternally grateful to you. Thanks a million in advance.

I truly hope you enjoy the book and don’t forget, you only have til 26th to get it for free!


PS if you already have the book from Amazon, you can update it to get the new version – go to ‘manage content and devices’ and you will see an ‘update available’ option to the right – please note this will over-write any notes and bookmarks you have. But it’s worth it, the new book is twice the size and much better (even if I do say so myself!)


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