Where’s Your Mojo Gone? 3 Tips For Restoring Your Mojo

where's your mojo gone

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel…flat. Meh. Uninspired. Lacking in motivation. Your get up and go has got up and gone. You’ve lost your mojo.

Yeah, me too. Annoyingly often. (I don’t like mojo-less days) In fact, I felt like that this morning. I woke up and felt…flat. Meh. Uninspired. With zero enthusiasm for the day ahead. And there was a time when I might have stayed feeling that way all day…maybe even all week, but today I was able to give myself a mojo injection and felt better.

Not that I’m 100% full of the joys of spring right now, but I’m no longer feeling flat and meh and uninspired. So I thought I’d share my top 3 mojo-boosting tools today…and I’d love to hear what you do to get your mojo back.

1. Feel how you feel

You feel how you feel. Finding your mojo doesn’t mean ignoring that you’re tired, or ill, or sad, or down, or feeling idle, or worn out by life, or lost. Feel how you feel. To do that you really need to be aware of how you’re actually feeling. I realised just last month that I often say I feel flat when actually that’s not what I’m feeling at all! Sometimes I say I feel ‘flat’ and I’m down and sad. Sometimes I say I feel ‘flat’ and I feel idle and super laid back and just don’t want to do anything. Sometimes I say I feel ‘flat’ and I feel tired.

Sometimes, like today, I say I feel flat and I’m actually not well! I have a cold coming and I’ve spent the day sneezing and sniffing and burning through tissues. (Yay, great timing for the live facebook challenge I’ve got starting tomorrow! Deets below…) So figure out how you’re really feeling, and honour that. If you feel tired, allow yourself to rest. If you feel down, allow yourself to be sad. If you feel idle and like you don’t wanna do anything, don’t.

Don’t just try to slap a happy face sticker over how you truly feel. Feel how you feel and allow yourself to feel it. You don’t have to stay in that feeling, but at least honour that it’s there.

2. Give yourself what you need

Once you know how you’re really feeling, find out what you need and give yourself that. Today, I needed to acknowledge that I actually don’t feel that well and cut my toodle do list down accordingly. Last week, when my ‘flatness’ was actually not wanting to do anything, I didn’t. I lay on the sofa for half an hour and did nothing. After half an hour I was bored of doing nothing and ready to go do something!

Maybe what you need is some self-care, some time out, a cake, a hug, time in the garden, a nap, some help, to vent, a change of scenery, to shake or dance or run, to skive and goof off for a while. Figure out what you need, and give that to yourself…as best you can. I know, sometimes what you need is for the world to stop for a while and let you off, but that may not be possible. So do what you can for yourself.

Something is better than nothing (and always challenge the notion that you can’t do what you need…I do this to clients all the time, and they usually come up with a way they can give themselves what they need). If you’re not sure what you need, check in with your body, mind, heart and soul…you have all the wisdom you need inside you (Click here to get my free audio program on this.)

3. Feed your mojo

Laugh, sing, dance, be silly, do your favourite things, look for the joys in life, get out in nature…do whatever you need to enjoy your life. Do it every day. Do it with awareness. I recently did a joy challenge, and I didn’t add much to my life…but I was way more joyful because I was paying attention to those things that gave me joy. Instead of marching round my sunset walk route just to ‘get my walk in’, I noticed the sky, the sun, the moon, the leaves on the trees, the quiet time, I appreciated the first moment that day I hadn’t been taking in information and ‘noise’.

If you don’t feed your mojo, of course it’s going to disappear! Which takes me right back to giving yourself what you need…not just when your mojo has disappeared, but all the time. I know you have Very Important Things to do and people to take care of and you are extremely Busy and Important…which is why you need to give yourself what you need. You can do all that stuff and be there for all those people so much better when your mojo tank is full.

And trust me, those you love most suffer most when you lose your mojo – they want you to be happy and full of life and joie de vivre.

Those are my top 3 Mojo-Finders…I’d love to know how you reclaim your lost mojo.

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