When You’re Finished, But Not Quite Finished

Finished not finished

Tweet So, I finished the project I’ve been working on for the last …oh, months! Yay! Well, you’d think it’d be ‘yay’…but actually it’s “yay! I’m finished…except for these last few bits. Bugger”. That’s the thing that pisses me off about being finished…you’re never quite finished. I mean, there’s an end point you work towards – the book is complete, the transcription/workbook is complete, the project is ‘done’. But that’s not the end. There’s editing and formatting and file loading and sharing and telling people and all manner of faff-tastic tasks that just rub the gloss of the joy of … Read More

What Is Blocking Your Creative Pipeline?

What's blocking your creative pipeline

Tweet I do these amazing Creative Catalyst sessions, and I’m endlessly fascinated by how deeply creative people are and also by how deeply creative they don’t think they are! And for most people, the ideas are already there. The problem is that we have all sorts of things that are blocking the creative pipe. Everybody has access to this creative pipe – it’s not a special gift that only some people can tap into. Some are certainly better at it, but everyone has access to it. But most of us block that pipe with excuses, old unhelpful beliefs, judgement, fear, … Read More

Tapping Into The Infinite Creative Well

The Infinite Creative Well v2 w www

Tweet As recently as 3 years ago, I thought I wasn’t that creative. I’d been blogging for years, I’d written 2 ebooks and enough articles to fill 6 books, I’d had all sorts of creative ideas…but I wasn’t ‘creative’. Ok, I could write a bit, but other creative pursuits were off limits as “I’m no good at” them. Then I learnt (thanks to the fabulous Jamie Ridler) it’s not about getting it right, it’s about expressing your creativity and having fun with it. Many of us were shut down as kids when we tried something and someone else said it … Read More

Podcast: Lack of Money and Your Big Dream

Tweet   Listen here: Or download to your computer by right clicking here: Lack of Money And Your Big Dream 4 top tips for stopping lack of money from stopping you going after your Big Dream 1. Get clear – exactly how much do you need? It may be less than you think… 2. Get creative – how else could you do what you want to do cheaper, or differently? 3. Start saving – you know how much you need, now start your savings. Never mind if you can’t afford to save much, save what you can. The sooner you … Read More

OnTheBeach: What is Your Big Dream?

Tweet What is your Big Dream? What do you really want for your life? What do you daydream about? What are your heart and soul whispering to you? What is it that makes your eyes go round and your mind whisper “I could have THAT, I could do that? Really? Wow”. What’s your Big Dream? Clarity about your Big Dream is magical…when you are really clear about your destination, it is much easier to get there. Some Big Dreams are very exact, for example “Write a Book”, “Travel the World”, “Start a Business”. Others are a little more general “Create … Read More