Don’t know where to start writing?

where to start writing

Tweet A friend asked me the other day where to start writing. My (slightly facetious) instant answer was: Start at the beginning. After all, it’s a very good place to start. But as I considered the question a little more, I came up with what seems like an even more facetious answer…but it really isn’t. Anywhere. Start anywhere. Start jotting ideas down. Start writing a story. Start writing a journal or diary. Start at the end. Start in the middle. Start with a great bit of dialogue and build a story round it. Start with an outline. Start with a … Read More

Not Feeling Inspired to Write?

not feeling inspired

Tweet In the Creative Catalyst Circle, we’ve been talking about not those times when you just don’t feel inspired to write…and this subject got me inspired to think about being inspired. I’ve spent years practicing listening to my inspiration and playing with the ideas that come from inspiration, and I’ve also discovered the life changing magic of learning to give inspiration the space to be felt. There are (at least) 3 types of ‘not inspired to write’ 1. Inspiration inertia If you haven’t written for a while, that ‘not inspired to write’ is probably because you haven’t written for weeks, … Read More

How Do You Avoid Being Distracted From Writing?

distracted from writing

Tweet Do you find there’s too much distraction in the world? Today, there’s too much distraction on my desk – there’s bits of paper, notes, my phone is flashing at me, reminding me of this and that, enticing me with messages, my laptop holds an entire wonderland of distraction that I know if I go there, I may never come back – e-mails, twitter, facebook, my website, other websites…there’s just so much distraction. And that distraction gets louder and louder and louder the more I try to focus on writing today’s article. The truth is, I don’t know what to … Read More

My Best Advice For Writing Your Book

advice for writing your book

Tweet A friend asked me for advice about writing her book. This was it: Start writing. Keep writing. Stop when you’re finished. I know that sounds a little basic, but it’s the best advice I have for you. Start. You can’t write a book unless you start. So start. Don’t wait to be ready (you’re never ready). Don’t wait to feel like a writer (that’ll come when you’re writing…or not…who cares, you’re writing). Don’t wait until summer/winter/you have more time/a good time. It’ll never come. Just start. Now. Today. Open a document and put some words in it. Get a … Read More

Ride Out the Creative Turbulence

Tweet Last week I was super excited – I had an epiphany from my “Fill What is Not Full” post – I realised this was the container for the book I’ve been mulling on for 8 years or so about self-care and other great foundations for a fabulous life. The excitement continued all week…with ideas raging through my head for this new book. Until Friday, when I started to harvest articles from my blog on the topic (of which I expect there to be hundreds!)… …And then… …the wall… …the fear… …the first ‘is this any good’ of this phase… … Read More