3 d book image 2 trimmedIs it time you fell in love with your life?

This is your one and only life – are you fully, deeply, completely head over heels in love with it, or are you wondering what happened to your dreams, your joy and your mojo? No matter what’s happening in your life, you can start to fall in love with life right now, even if it’s not perfect, even if you want to change everything about it, you can still dance joyfully through life.

In this book, Donna shares her favourite techniques, tips and tools for helping you fall deeply, madly in love with your life right now. Drawn from her own experience of falling in love with life, and coaching clients all over the world since 2004, this book is a celebration of joy, laughter and happy dances.

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“Donna writes from her heart and with such honesty and passion! This book is full of inspiration and ideas to get you started on understanding that you can look at your life from a different direction and easily start to do small things that will help to turn around your perceptions of what you think might be ‘just the way life is’. I dip in and out of it and find it uplifting and thought provoking on many levels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on love and life Donna.”

“This is such a great positive book! Ms. Higton’s writing is clear and concise and the advice right on. It is very easy to follow and work with. I recommend it to everyone. We have to fall in love with life to create a life worth living! If you need a boost, read this book. Take the tips and use them. Even if you are on the right path already, this book re-affirms and supports you.”

Lovely book eater Sarah reviews Fall in Love With Life on the Book Eaters blog here.




Sample Chapters:

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