NEW! Beach Cards Guidance Cards

Beach Cards Ecover - MyEcoverMakerThe Beach Guidance Cards are a daily touchstone to remind you of what you already know – to take care of yourself, to make joy a priority in your life, to take the actions you need to takeMore info or buy now to make your dreams come true. Give yourself daily reminders to enjoy your life, to let your soul sing.

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Create a Life Worth Falling In Love With E-Workshop

Gorgeous Beach in Summertime Are you tired of being stuck in the same old life? Are you wondering if there is more to life than this? Are you sick of the life you have getting in the way of the life you want? Check out the E-Workshop here and More info or buy now 2 Create a Life Worth Falling in Love With.

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Fall In Love With Life Book

This is your one and only life – are you fully, deeply, completely head over heels in love with it, or are you wondering what happened to your dreams, your joy and your mojo? No matter what’s happening in your life, you can start to fall in love with it right now, even if it’s not perfect, even if you want to change everything about it, you can still dance joyfully through life.

For more information and to buy, click here.

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The Dreams To Reality Journal

 Make your dreams a reality with the help of this beautiful digital journal, filled with colour and questions to help you get super clear what you want, brainstorm actions and find and eliminate obstacles in your way. Your Big Dream is waiting for you – it’s time to make it happen. The Dreams to Reality journal will gently and colourfully guide you to tap into the magic of your Big Dream and take action, inexorably…until your Big Dream is living and breathing and your LIFE! For more information and to buy, click here.

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110 Steps To Heal Your Money

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How is your financial health? Are you swimming in an ocean of abundance or desperately catching every drip of cash you can find? Many of us are planted firmly in the second camp – struggling to make ends meet, miserable about our financial life and wondering if it’s EVER going to get better. Donna was in the same position a few years ago, and has written this ebook to help you make your money situation better – step by step.

Please note, this book is currently undergoing a makeover, update and *NEW* chapters! So it is not currently for sale anywhere – please make sure you’re on my list to be notified when it’s ready). To read an excerpt or get more detail, click here.
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I am working on LOTS of new products, including content creation workshop, an intuition workshop, “hear the whisper of your heart” workshop, an Obstacle-busting program, a self-care ebook and product creation program.

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And if you are particularly interested in any of these products, do let me know – I am always looking for testers, reviewers and people to bounce ideas off!