Obstacle Busting: Obstacles are good for you

They look like they’re there just to cause you trouble, but these problems, issues, roadblocks, obstacles all exist to HELP you. They come up so that they can be dealt with. Once they’re dealt with, you can move on with less baggage, less mess and more spring in your step.

Big Dreams and amazing lives stretch us, they call the best from us, and they ask us to be AWESOME.

In order to have the life you wish to have, you need to eliminate self-doubt and low confidence; you need to develop problem-solving muscles; you need to become all that you are capable of becoming.

And that means growing pains. It means obstacles. It means blockages. It means that in order to have things we’ve never had, do things we’ve never done, or be the best of ourselves we can be; things will need to change, we will need to grow, and obstacles will need to be overcome.

And also, this is life.

Shit happens.

What matters isn’t whether you fall down (you will) or get stuck (you will), but how you get up and keep going.

How you get over, under, round and through every obstacle in your way is what matters.

The trouble is, most of the time, we don’t deal with what’s getting in our way. For example, we don’t know what to do so we do nothing, or we believe that people like us can’t have what we want and we never challenge that belief, or we realise we have some fear, negativity or discouragement so we move away from the dream that’s causing that uncomfortable feeling.

But imagine that you could figure out what to do and do it. You could change that belief to “YES I CAN” or just go ahead and try anyway despite the belief that people like you can’t. You could notice the fear, negativity and discouragement and meet them head on. If you find a way to either completely deal with these issues, or just make them a little better, life will be easier from that point on. So from that perspective, the original problem helps to make your life better.

Your obstacle, blockage or problem can help you see that there is a better way.

For example; I had a lot of resistance to working on books and courses in my business. After attacking this obstacle a few different ways (mainly charging head on like a bull at a gate), I realised I was making it hard for myself to make time for those things. Instead of taking an hour here and there, I was insisting on taking days at a time, and free days were difficult to find, so I ended up doing nothing.

Eventually I figured out that I could make it easy for myself, I could do the best with what I had, and I could chill out about wanting it all done yesterday and just take my time working through what needed to be done. 25 minutes here, an hour there, until I found a routine that worked for me.

Obstacles are not put in your path to piss you off (although sometimes it feels that way).

They are there so you can move past them, through them, over them, or under them.

Think of obstacles as resistance or strength training for your life navigation muscles. They are there to tell you that life can be better and if you fix this issue, it will be.

So what issues, problems and obstacles come up for you time and again?

Can you imagine if that problem was solved, once and for all?

How much better would your life be if that issue no longer existed?

Take your problems, issues, niggles, upsets, roadblocks and challenges as your cues that something can be changed.

Even if you’re convinced there’s nothing you can do…there is usually something. It may only be a small thing, it may not fully solve the problem, it may just be a change in attitude (which can often lead to the biggest transformations), but there is usually something you can do to bust past those obstacles.

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