Happy New Year – My Wish for you in 2018 (and a gift for you)

In 2018, I wish for you to fall head over heels in love with your life.
I wish for you to be happy and healthy and full of joie de vivre.
I wish for you to know how loved you are.
I wish for you to release that thing that’s always held you back.
I wish for you to have (many) moments of pure joy.
I wish for you belly laughs, excitement and many things to ‘woohoo’ about.
I wish for you ease, peace and rest when you need it.
I wish for you to learn the self-care you need and give it to yourself.
I wish for you to learn the love you need (from yourself) and give it to yourself.
I wish for you to find things that excite and interest you.
I wish for you to be inspired.
I wish for you to create the life you’ve dreamed of this year.
I wish for you every good thing you deserve.

With so much love, I send to you a phalanx of angels to make all your wishes for 2018 come true!

And I have a couple of little gifts for you…

Gift 1: I created this mini ecourse last year to help myself (and perhaps a few others) to complete one year and create a vision for the year ahead. And I’d love you to have it for free. It will help you let go of 2017, and figure out what you want in 2018…and not one ‘resolution’ in sight!


Your password is: “wonderfulyear”

Gift 2: Let’s kick off the New Year with some serious momentum, and let’s coach together!

Yes, for free.

No, no sales pitch.

This is something I love to do – help people get in touch with what they truly want in life AND get a plan to make it happen!

To get your free session, simply send me a message with “Yes, let’s coach!” and we’ll get you booked in for some powerful coaching to get your 2018 started with a boost.


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