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Welcome sweetheart!

Do you know the number one thing stopping my clients from having a joyful life?

Watch the video below to find out!

I’ve been using this material to help my clients for over 7 years, and I’d love for you to have it too!

In this ebook, you will learn:

Heart bullet 20x21Why self-care is so important (and what it has to do with axes!)

Heart bullet 20x21The 7 top excuses we use to NOT take care of us…and how to bust past them

Heart bullet 20x21How to listen to the messages of your body, mind, heart and soul

Heart bullet 20x21101 self-care ideas (you don’t have to do them all!)

Heart bullet 20x21How to create an easy and fun self-care plan that you can start today, no matter how busy and important you are

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2 Comments on “The First Step To a Joyful Life”

  1. Hello Donna

    For some reason I am not receiving your email subscription confirmation email, and I would love to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Would you be able to investigate and fix?

    Many thanks.
    Bronwyn Maelzer


    Donnaonthebeach Reply:

    Hey Bronwyn

    I’ve sent you a message on your e-mail. <3




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