Dreams To Reality: Your Big Dream

It’s the start of a New Year – for many of us a time for setting goals, thinking how to make this year better than last year, setting New Year’s Resolutions designed solely to take the joy out of our lives! (Don’t get me started on New Year’s Resolutions – for my thoughts on this, see this blog post from last year.)

Anyway, forget about those joyless, sensible, boring, uninspiring ideas. What do you REALLY want? What’s your BIG dream? What’s the thing that you’ve always wanted to be, do or have? What’s the thing that would set you happy dancing for a week just at the thought of achieving it? What’s the thing you’ve never told anyone you wanted? What’s the thing that you don’t think is possible (but want anyway!)?

You see, over the last year or so, I’ve realised something. Too many people go through life with that thing locked up tight inside them – through fear, or life getting in the way, or lack of belief, or lack of inspiration, or some other thing that really shouldn’t get in the way of our biggest dreams. Hence all these new things I’ve thought up (videos, podcasts etc) – because I think that’s criminal.

It is awful that those dreams go unacknowledged, aren’t followed, are left to atrophy in a dim and distant past where we ‘used to have dreams before we realised they won’t come true’. Well, they certainly won’t come true if you never try! And if you do try, 2 things will happen – one, your dream has a CHANCE of becoming reality. And two, your life will get better whether it does or not.

Only a CHANCE you say? No one can guarantee success. But that chance is all your dream needs to take you on the adventure of your life! Moving your dreams into reality gives you confidence, it’s fun, it helps to challenge you, stretch you, grow you into the you that you know you were meant to be. That’s what those dreams are for – to help you grow into the greatness that you are!

You are following your passion, your purpose, your heart’s desires – there is nothing more fun in life! To me, that’s the whole point of life – to do things you love to do every day, to honour the whispers of your heart and soul, to acknowledge YOUR dreams, even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you planned (it never does, by the way! Sometimes it’s better).

So let your heart and soul speak. What is your big dream? What do you REALLY want in 2012?

Your Homework
This New Year, resolve to listen to your heart and soul speak, acknowledge your big dreams and consider taking some action to bring them into reality. And I’d LOVE to hear what your big dream is – drop me a line. I believe in you, and in your dream, so let’s make 2012 the year that you bring that dream of yours into reality!

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