Have you done your yearly planning yet?

Yearly planning

Have you done your planning for the year ahead yet?

Have you set your goals and intentions for 2018?

No? Ah well, too late now init?

Of course not. Your life planning can happen any time.

There’s a new moon coming on the 17th January – a fabuolous time to set intentions.

Chinese New Year is coming on the 16th February – a second chance for some New Year planning.

Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere – the time for new beginnings.

Honestly, the depths of winter have never been my favourite time for planning for new things. It’s a great time to mull, ponder and ruminate (and hibernate) but if you really feel the energy of the seasons, you won’t want to be planning yet. Especially if it’s effing cold where you are.

I have spent January so far battling illness rather than planning for the year ahead. Which has been good to be honest, because it reminds me in my planning to make sure that self-care is front and centre.

There’s no rush to make shit happen, you have another 11 and a half months of this year to come…and another lots of years of your life to come, please God.

So let the energy show you when your year planning will really begin. And whenever you choose to do it, that’s the perfect moment.

I talked more about this idea in my Facebook Live this week – you can watch it here. There’s also a great comment from a friend who isn’t doing any planning this year – but has just set a great intention instead.


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