All Credit to Those Who Show Up For Life

So, did you watch Wimbledon this year? Here in the UK, we have the number one ranked male player in the world, Andy Murray, who unfortunately due to injury, was not able to progress past the quarter finals this year.

And as usual, the keyboard critics jumped in – he didn’t try, he’s a shit player, etc etc.

Leaving aside the fact that you do not get to be the number one tennis player in the world by being shit, and the fact that the guy was injured and clearly playing in a lot of pain, and the fact that he was one of only 8 tennis players in the world to reach the quarter-finals of the men’s championship, all this social media bile annoyed the hell out of me.

(Even though I didn’t actually see it, I curate my facebook and twitter feeds well, keyboard critics are not welcome; I have friends who did see it and posted about it.)

My response was to find an image of “The Man in the Arena” quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

Because no credit should go to the critic.

No kudos should go to the one who hides behind their keyboard and points out the failures of others.

All credit should go to those who show up for life, who try, who strive, who practice, who sacrifice, who train, who show up day after day, enduring defeat and stress and injury and barracking from the sidelines.

All credit should go to the woman who strives, who tries, who cries, who goes for it, who has a dream and follows that dream, even when it is not easy, even when the path is not smooth, even when the dream feels far away.

So if you are the doer of deeds, the follower of dreams, the woman in the arena; I salute you, I honour you, I am proud to be in that arena with you – our faces marred by dust and sweat and blood, but knowing that we are daring greatly.

And as for the critics… if you think it’s so damn easy, you go do it…I dare you.

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