Cassandra Key Writes By the Beach: Big Dreams Come True Interview

Cassandra Key

Tweet It’s Big Dreams Come True time! Woohoo! This month’s fabulous guest is Cassandra Key, of What Big Dream(s) have you had come true? Tell us all about it/them. My biggest dream come true was moving to an island and writing for a living. Honestly, I would have just taken writing for a living, but getting to live the island life while writing is a bonus. I basically quit my human resources job with only $3000 in the bank and decided that I was going to give the freelance life my heart and soul. What was the catalyst for … Read More

Not Feeling Inspired to Write?

not feeling inspired

Tweet In the Creative Catalyst Circle, we’ve been talking about not those times when you just don’t feel inspired to write…and this subject got me inspired to think about being inspired. I’ve spent years practicing listening to my inspiration and playing with the ideas that come from inspiration, and I’ve also discovered the life changing magic of learning to give inspiration the space to be felt. There are (at least) 3 types of ‘not inspired to write’ 1. Inspiration inertia If you haven’t written for a while, that ‘not inspired to write’ is probably because you haven’t written for weeks, … Read More

Staying Open To Possibilities and Big Dreams

staying open to possibilities

Tweet I was talking to a friend this week about the book I’m writing at the moment (the updated version of Obstacle Busting) and they asked how I stay open to all these Big Dreams and possibilities, rather than getting derailed onto safe paths by life. My first, instinctive answer was to shrug my shoulders and say “it’s what I do”. Which is true in a way – as a coach, my daily work is about being open to possibilities and Big Dreams, and helping my clients stay open to them too, clear anything getting in their way and keep … Read More

Big Dreams Come True: Ming Chee, Money Alchemist

Tweet It’s Big Dreams Come True time! Woohoo! This month’s fabulous guest is Ming Chee, of and What Big Dream(s) have you had come true? Tell us all about it/them. The big dream that came true for me was to totally change my life around money. To no longer struggle with it. I am debt free now, don’t even really need to work if I don’t want to. I am living the dream life that I didn’t even think was possible. I am also doing work that I love and helping people manifest money for themselves now. What … Read More

Creating Good Habits is Hard Work Too

creating good habits

Tweet There seems to be a perception around that starting good habits is way easier than giving up a bad habit. That just because it’s good for us, or makes us happier, or makes us more calm that should be enough to override the basic human nature of staying with what’s familiar. That comfort zone is…comfortable! So it is way easier to stay there, even if we’d feel better if we changed our habits. This subject came up because a client recently was beating themselves up for not doing those good habit actions that they wanted to do. But there … Read More