All Credit to Those Who Show Up For Life

Tweet So, did you watch Wimbledon this year? Here in the UK, we have the number one ranked male player in the world, Andy Murray, who unfortunately due to injury, was not able to progress past the quarter finals this year. And as usual, the keyboard critics jumped in – he didn’t try, he’s a shit player, etc etc. Leaving aside the fact that you do not get to be the number one tennis player in the world by being shit, and the fact that the guy was injured and clearly playing in a lot of pain, and the fact … Read More

Daily Practices that keep you Healthy, Happy and Sane

Daily practices

Tweet What daily practices do you have that keep you happy, healthy and sane? I got thinking about this because over the last week, various things have happened to disrupt my normal routine…and this meant that a couple of my daily practices got dropped. As soon as I picked them up again, clarity was restored, I relaxed, I was able to breathe deeply again (I hadn’t even realised I’d stopped breathing deeply) and I just felt so much better. Often, life does get in the way of doing things that keep us happy, healthy and sane…we’re just too busy to … Read More

When Your Castle in the Air is Left in Ruins

castle in the air

Tweet Sometimes something happens that seems to take the legs from under you, sends a hurricane through the beautiful dream castle in the air that you’re building and leaves it in ruins on the ground. It may be a failure, a disappointment…or even just the memory of something that didn’t work out as you wanted it to. It happened to me just last week – something reminded me of a disappointment from last year, and CRASH! Suddenly all hope perished, all faith disappeared, my beautiful castle in the air was in ruins and all I wanted to do was sit … Read More

Make Time For What’s Calling You

time for what's calling

Tweet Are you hearing the call of something? That gentle insistent nudge to do…something? Or maybe it’s less gentle… more like a shouting in your ear, and hitting you with an anvil…sometimes guidance is not subtle, right?! That calling might be to finally write the book, start the business, do the thing that’s been tickling the edge of your consciousness for some time now. the call might be a persistent thought of “oh yes, I’ve been meaning to do that…for years”, or it might be an uncomfortable feeling when you think of that project, or it might be like a … Read More

Let Go of the Insignificant


Tweet A few weeks ago as part of Allison Crow‘s Share Your Heart, Show Your Work challenge, I had a chat with my 99 year old self. The first question was “What is she wearing?” Picture Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey to get an idea of what my 99 year old self is like – feisty, direct, and does not suffer fools…at all, never mind gladly. I got an image in my head of her fixing me with a penetrating stare as she said, with some asperity “What on earth does that have to do with anything?” She was actually … Read More