Take Care of Your Tender Heart

take care of your tender heart

Tweet I’m sure you’ll have heard of the terrible events in Manchester this week. I am, of course, always horrified by every terrorist atrocity, but this one for some reason has shocked me to my core. Along with, I know, a lot of people. So if you’ve been affected by the awful events this week, or if anything is hurting your heart right now… Take care of your tender heart. Notice how you’re feeling. Let it be what it is. Let yourself feel it, whatever it is. Don’t judge how you’re feeling. Feel it and release it. The way out … Read More

Where’s Your Mojo Gone? 3 Tips For Restoring Your Mojo

where's your mojo gone

Tweet Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel…flat. Meh. Uninspired. Lacking in motivation. Your get up and go has got up and gone. You’ve lost your mojo. Yeah, me too. Annoyingly often. (I don’t like mojo-less days) In fact, I felt like that this morning. I woke up and felt…flat. Meh. Uninspired. With zero enthusiasm for the day ahead. And there was a time when I might have stayed feeling that way all day…maybe even all week, but today I was able to give myself a mojo injection and felt better. Not that I’m 100% full of … Read More

The Contraction After the Expansion

contraction after expansion

Tweet There’s a phenomenon that happens just after something amazing happens, or as you’re expanding into a new way of being, where you ‘contract’; where suddenly lots of fear and worry and doubt and stress come up (or you just want to fall on your face with exhaustion and stay there for the foreseeable future!) This is normal. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s like the exhale after the inhale, the ebb of a wave after it’s crested. It also sucks, big time. For years, I thought it was just me, that maybe I was crazy-pants or something. For years, … Read More

Don’t know where to start writing?

where to start writing

Tweet A friend asked me the other day where to start writing. My (slightly facetious) instant answer was: Start at the beginning. After all, it’s a very good place to start. But as I considered the question a little more, I came up with what seems like an even more facetious answer…but it really isn’t. Anywhere. Start anywhere. Start jotting ideas down. Start writing a story. Start writing a journal or diary. Start at the end. Start in the middle. Start with a great bit of dialogue and build a story round it. Start with an outline. Start with a … Read More

Cassandra Key Writes By the Beach: Big Dreams Come True Interview

Cassandra Key

Tweet It’s Big Dreams Come True time! Woohoo! This month’s fabulous guest is Cassandra Key, of www.thesacredmiddle.com. What Big Dream(s) have you had come true? Tell us all about it/them. My biggest dream come true was moving to an island and writing for a living. Honestly, I would have just taken writing for a living, but getting to live the island life while writing is a bonus. I basically quit my human resources job with only $3000 in the bank and decided that I was going to give the freelance life my heart and soul. What was the catalyst for … Read More