Have you done your yearly planning yet?

Yearly planning

Tweet Have you done your planning for the year ahead yet? Have you set your goals and intentions for 2018? No? Ah well, too late now init? Of course not. Your life planning can happen any time. There’s a new moon coming on the 17th January – a fabuolous time to set intentions. Chinese New Year is coming on the 16th February – a second chance for some New Year planning. Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere – the time for new beginnings. Honestly, the depths of winter have never been my favourite time for planning for new things. … Read More

Happy New Year – My Wish for you in 2018 (and a gift for you)

Tweet In 2018, I wish for you to fall head over heels in love with your life. I wish for you to be happy and healthy and full of joie de vivre. I wish for you to know how loved you are. I wish for you to release that thing that’s always held you back. I wish for you to have (many) moments of pure joy. I wish for you belly laughs, excitement and many things to ‘woohoo’ about. I wish for you ease, peace and rest when you need it. I wish for you to learn the self-care you … Read More

Obstacle Busting: Obstacles are good for you

Tweet They look like they’re there just to cause you trouble, but these problems, issues, roadblocks, obstacles all exist to HELP you. They come up so that they can be dealt with. Once they’re dealt with, you can move on with less baggage, less mess and more spring in your step. Big Dreams and amazing lives stretch us, they call the best from us, and they ask us to be AWESOME. In order to have the life you wish to have, you need to eliminate self-doubt and low confidence; you need to develop problem-solving muscles; you need to become all … Read More

YAY! Obstacle Busting Release Day is Here!

Tweet WOOHOO!!!!! YES! It’s release day today! *leaps around with joy* You can now enjoy the WHOLE BOOK! Not just the single chapters I’ve been teasing you with for what seems like forever. Not only that, because it’s Christmas, it is FREE on Amazon to 26th December. To get your copy, click here: myBook.to/obstaclebusting – this magnificently clever link will take you to your local Amazon store (it really is a small world now, isn’t it).  And feel free to share with friends and family too – the more downloads the book gets over Christmas, the higher up the charts she’ll go and … Read More

Obstacle Busting: Beliefs that Undermine You

Tweet Everyone has some of these – beliefs that undermine what you want to do and cause you to hesitate, stop and turn back when you want to move forward. You need to excavate and mine for yours and get rid of them. For example “people like me don’t get to have or do X”. I guarantee there is someone just like you who has had or done X, but if you have this belief you will stop yourself, you will hold back from giving it your best shot because of a belief. Not a truth, not a fact, just … Read More