April Full Moon Dreamboard – the Full Pink Moon

It’s full moon dreamboard time again with Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler studios – the Full Pink Moon. Jamie suggests that the question we answer this month is ‘What Dreams Is It Time To Tend?’ – I collected the images before I even looked at the question, and yet the images answered the question perfectly – it is time for me to tend the dreams of luxury, writing, love, beauty, flow and soul. What do you see?

Full Moon Dreamboard April 2012

This month I had less time to choose the images that called to me, less time to create the Dreamboard…but even with that, it calls to me. Before finding Jamie’s circle of Dreamers I had never been a fan of Vision Boards – I now understand that for me, they are to ‘heady’, too ‘thought-driven’. But this intuitive way of collating images brings a new dimension to it – the subconscious and unconscious mind. Each Dreamboard I have created has had a message for me – a message that, as soon as I see it, hits me like a punch in the gut! And in this, the 5th Dreamboard I have created, I find that even with ‘less’ images and more space, there is more to be learned. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Join the dreamboard circle and create your own – if you’re not sure how, here’s a free resource from Jamie to teach you.

To your dreams!