March Daily Practice: Trust Yourself

March 1, 2012 by  
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One of my ‘Beach Cards‘ says: “If you really loved, accepted, honoured and believed in yourself, what would change?” One of the ladies on my facebook page said ‘everything‘, which led me to decide that the Daily Practice for March will be ‘Trust Yourself’. When you trust yourself, you are loving, accepting, honouring and believing in yourself. So this month’s Daily Practice is to trust in you.

Trust in the wisdom you have within. And to really dive deep into this wisdom and inner guidance, we’re going to look at what our body is telling us every day, what our mind is telling us every day, what our heart is telling us every day, what our soul is telling us every day. For example, as I sit here and write this, my body is telling me I need to move – to dance or walk or do 10 minutes of yoga or stretch. Or maybe all four! My mind is telling me that it is clear and focused…but that my body isn’t!

My heart is telling me that this practice is going to change someone’s life. Ooh, juicy – could it be your life this practice changes? And my soul is telling me that following the ‘random’ inspirations that come up is the right way for me to live…and when those inspirations lose their energy, I’ve gone to far into my head and got to far ahead of myself so I need to come back to this moment and the next step and follow the thread of inspiration.

Beautiful, huh? And just what I need to know in each moment – and the same will hold true for you. Your body, mind, heart and soul are always giving you messages – but most of us don’t listen! We give away our power to someone else, making them the expert on our lives…and then wonder why we feel so disconnected, trapped and fed up! So this month’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to notice every day, at least once a day what your body, mind, heart and soul have to say to you that day.

Are you going to join me in trusting yourself? Make sure you are a ‘likey’ of the facebook page to get the daily reminders, plus some more thoughts and quotes about trusting yourself. And I will be sharing what my body, mind, heart and soul have to say every day in March there too. Hope you will join me!